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Shepherdstar Ragdollsa small Ragdoll breeder in Georgia near the Florida border, is located in south Georgia (Thomasville), near Florida, 25 miles north of Tallahassee. Our cats are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).

Inside you will find information about our catteryRagdoll catspictures, available kittens, Ragdoll books and more. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. Thanks for stopping by.


           JUNIPER and RUMI had 5 beautiful, healthy kittens born 2/13/15.


There is one seal bicolor male, 2 seal lynx bicolor males, and 2 seal lynx bicolor females (one is pictured below). All 5 are now spoken for. As you may know, Ragdoll kittens are born completely white and color appears gradually. Check our Available page to learn more and see more pictures. 

IMG 1348

Read more about the kittens here

IMG 0330

We have an ADULT spayed cat, sweet Guinevere, AVAILABLE. Let us know if you are interested in this beautiful, friendly cat. You may want to check our Available Adults page; we have TWO female cats listed at this time. 

NOTE: I am NOT receiving emails that are sent to my Shepherdstar account lately. Until the problem is solved, please email MarianneH@rose.net If you have emailed me recently, please re-send the message to the new email address. Thanks.  

           Sweet Guinevere is waiting for her new home! More pictures here

IMG 0180

This kitten (a gorgeous seal lynx bicolor - pictured below) from the May ‘14 litter of Juniper and Rumi found her forever home!

IMG 7586


One of our 2013 litters (all seal lynx bicolor) at 11 weeks

IMG 7560

Paisley, one of the seal lynx bicolor kittens pictured above, now in her new home at one year of age.


And Harry, another kitten from the same litter also in his new home at one year of age.


Ozzy, one of our seal mitted kittens in his new home at age 9 months

IMG 0562

* If you are interested in a friendly Holland Lop bunny, we raise those also and our rabbitry name is BunnyLops; please visit our site: http://www.bunnylops.com